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Update in: 18 January 2021


With this plugin you’ll be able to monitor event logs in your Windows systems based on the Source and the Log name of the events on the last N minutes.

It is possible to create a single string module whose content will be all the logs matched with the Source and Log name, set the format datalist to that module, or send the output directly to a log collector.

module_plugin [path_to_plugin]getEvent.exe [event_source] [log_name]  [interval] *[-nodatalist] *[-sendlog]

event_source: field Source of the Event
log_name: field Log Name of the Event
interval: time range from which event logs will be extracted in minutes. It is recommended that it matches with the agent interval from which the plugin is launched.

nodatalist [optional]: shows all output in same module data
sendlog [optional]: sends logs to log server


getEvent plugin (windows only)

Documentación en español

English documentation

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