MongoDB simple local monitoring

These are a collection of local modules for monitoring Mongodb from outside, with a software agent. Module data module_begin  module_name MongoDB_Status  module_type generic_proc  module_exec ps aux | grep mongod | grep -v grep | wc -l  module_end  module_begin ...


This is an agent plugin for monitoring Oracle. Tested on Linux and Solaris. See details in README file. More Info on SQL monitoring Oracle. Files:

PostgreSQL plugin

Este fichero escrito en Perl proporciona datos estadísticos generales de un servidor PostgreSQL y datos estadísticos específicos de cada BBDD que almacena, ya sea de forma local o remota. This file written in Perl provides general statistics data from a PostgreSQL...

Remote SQL Oracle

This plugin can execute remote queries for oracle databases. You can find all necessary information about using this plugin at sqlscript.readme. Files: sqlscript.readme

SQL Server performance plugin

SQL Server performance plugin This is a vbs plugin to fetch the performance metrics from a SQL Server. To install it: 1. Create the directory “%Program Files%pandora_agentplugins” if needed. 2. Download the file “sqlserver_plugin.vbs”. 3. Copy...


This is an agent local plugin to extract information from a ODBC source in a Windows server using native SQL format. Module data ODBC Local Plugin for Pandora FMS This VBS Local Plugin reads a configuration file, which defines the module name, System DSN Name, user,...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior