Website speed

Bash plugin to measure the website response speed including the following metrics: – Time to First Byte – Total load time – Pre-transfer time – Response HTTP code – Page total size Author: Manuel Angel Fernandez His blog:...

Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Basic service monitoring for microsoft SQL Server 2000 in a windows pandora fms agent. Local module. Modules module_begin module_name msSQL Server 2K module_type generic_proc module_service MSSQLSERVER module_end

Basic MySQL Monitoring on Linux

Several local modules in Linux for doing a general MySQL monitoring using the SQL/CLI tool. This could be done in any OS (adapting commands), just using the Pandora FMS agent. Modules Active threads  module_begin  module_name Mysql_Threads  module_description Mysql...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior