What's New?

Our engineers, our community users and our clients are constantly revising Pandora FMS. Every new version aims to benefit each and every one of our customers according to their needs, which is why all your proposals are welcome and considered to be included in future versions. You can download below all the news included in the last versions and updates of Pandora FMS.

Notes v 5.1 SP3 Jun 2015 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.1 SP2 Feb 2015 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.1 SP1 Oct 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.1 Jun 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP4  May 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP3 Feb 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP2 Dic 2013 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP1 Nov 2013 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap


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 Pandora FMS 6.0

Pandora FMS 6.0 will bring new features very useful in big environments, and other environments that need high customization and self-provisioning (MSP and SaaS). We plan to release this version in Q2 of 2015. These are some of the features coming with the 6.0 version:
  • Official support for Oracle(tm) SQL Backend for Pandora FMS servers.
  • Scalalibity: Up to 100,000 agents managed on the new Metaconsole agent cache architecture.
  • New Meta Event Correlation Server that will apply and run event correlation rules in the Metaconsole event stream (events from all the managed nodes).
  • New Meta Service Server that will allow to build services with elements belonging to any managed node of the Metaconsole, creating events, alerts, views and specific reports.
  • Double authentication (with Google Auth). It allows a more secure access to the Pandora console.
  • New additional restrictive access mode (ACL Strict mode) that allows a user only to see the modules whose tags he has access to. Focused to be used in multi-tenant environments with shared infrastructure. This compliments the previous feature of Pandora, offering a completely multi-tenant environment in the mix views (groups view, map view, tree view, tactical view, etc).
  • Email alerts templates with full HTML, including attached graphs of modules in the email.
  • z/OS monitorization (IBM Mainframe).
  • New visual styles, making a big difference from version 5.x. Specially in the Metaconsole.
  • New Meta API.
  • New Meta CLI.
  • New elements available in the Visual Map: creation of boxes and lines.
  • New basic type of data: generic_data_inc_abs. Useful to represent incremental data and use its value instead the rate of elements per second.
  • CSV export from the graph view.
  • New log-viewer tab in the agent main view, allowing us to see logs generated by that agent in the view.
  • Cipher in the storage of passwords in the Database. It affects how the information is stored in plugins, network modules and custom fields of the agent.
  • Change on the delegated authentication using a Cookie-based mechanism.
  • Remote management of Satellite Server and Pandora Server configuration files from the Console (delayed to 6.0 SP1).
  • Reports: The report templates can be used to visualize a report, without creating a report instance. Very useful in dynamic environments for adding elements in a dynamic way to a report, both in Metaconsole and Pandora Console.
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Pandora FMS roadmap

Since releasing Pandora 4.0, we have tried to keep the same version for as long as possible. However, Pandora FMS is being constantly updated by little updates every two or three months, which is why, last year we released Pandora FMS 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and 4.0.3. Simultaneously, we have been working on Pandora FMS 5.0. that has just been released. Take a look to our roadmap to know the evolution of Pandora FMS from the begining. 

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