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Our engineers, our community users and our clients are constantly revising Pandora FMS. Every new version aims to benefit each and every one of our customers according to their needs, which is why all your proposals are welcome and considered to be included in future versions. You can download below all the news included in the last versions and updates of Pandora FMS.

Notes v 5.1 SP1 Oct 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.1 Jun 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP4  May 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP3 Feb 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP2 Dic 2013 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP1 Nov 2013 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap


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Pandora FMS 5.1 SP1

  • Improved planning of scheduled stops, and their exclusion in all reports of SLA.
  • New network plugin: Packet Loss, for measuring packet loss in your network.
  • New features added to the IPAM module (IP address management): IP's reservation, massive operations and delegation of network management to users non administrators of Pandora FMS.
  • Unix agent now supports UDP mode for remote command execution.
  • New multithreaded SNMP traps server.
  • Now it’s possible to visualize traffic graphics per interface (combined) from the main agent view:
  • New dynamic radial network maps.
  • Added dynamic macros for agent custom fields.
  • New contextual help system and "step by step" Wizard, that we hope will help less experienced users to take advantage of the best options of Pandora FMS.
  • Unix Agent log parser now supports log rotation detection by inode.
  • New IP SLA Cisco plugin to measurig quality of service in networks of latest technology. Specially recommended for VoIP services or services sensitives to package loss and high latency.
  • New statistics system of traps received which is very useful to filter by source IP or OID.
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Pandora FMS roadmap

Since releasing Pandora 4.0, we have tried to keep the same version for as long as possible. However, Pandora FMS is being constantly updated by little updates every two or three months, which is why, last year we released Pandora FMS 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and 4.0.3. Simultaneously, we have been working on Pandora FMS 5.0. that has just been released. Take a look to our roadmap to know the evolution of Pandora FMS from the begining. 

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