What's New?

Our engineers, our community users and our clients are constantly revising Pandora FMS. Every new version aims to benefit each and every one of our customers according to their needs, which is why all your proposals are welcome and considered to be included in future versions. You can download below all the news included in the last versions and updates of Pandora FMS.

Notes v 5.0 SP1 Nov 2013 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP2 Dic 2013 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP3 Feb 2014  novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.0 SP4  May 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.1 Jun 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap
Notes v 5.1 SP1 Oct 2014 novedades, pandora fms, roadmap


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Pandora FMS 5.1

(E) Only for Enterprise version
  • Official support to run Pandora FMS server on Windows (Windows 2008 and higher). 
  • IPAM (IP Address management): A fully IPv4/IPv6 solution for managing the IP address on your networks, including realtime time alerts on new IP's, network sweep and integration with monitoring. (E) 
  • Satellite Server: This new server will deploy a powerful SNMP/ICMP/WMI monitoring with autodiscovery on networks without direct connectivity, without install MySQL server and running on windows/unix as well. (E)
  • Network L2 topology detection (via SNMP), detecting links between routers/switches/servers, drawing the physical relationship, discovering changes and generating a realtime network topology based on real device connection.
  • Improved Enterprise network map (former Network console), used to work with L2 maps, updating new nodes on a retention area, ready to link with current maps. (E)
  • Network device configuration change management. Pandora FMS will notice when a configuration change is done and will show you exactly the changes done. Very useful to track your routers/switches configuration (E).
  • New extension for easy VM ware Plugin configuration. Also the Enterprise Appliance will come with VMware plugin and needed software preinstalled (E).
  • Combined graph as item in Visual Console.
  • QR code generator for sharing public visual console links.
  • Support on appliance for PerconaDB, replacing MySQL.
  • Netflow support integrated by default in the appliance CD.
  • Improvements on alert recovery, simplifying the operation.
  • New radial networkmap topology view. A new way to display your network, using a nice HTML5 graph.
  • SLA Report improvements.
  • Dynamic bindings for SNMP traps and added more filters (up to 20).
  • SNMP Trap view now can group by OID.
  • Global macros in agents (requested via Uservoice).
  • Event viewer can now filter by ID and show events in a time interval.
  • Massive operations can now filter by substring.
  • New macro for file collection. (E)
  • Minor improvements and several bug fixes since 5.0 SP3.
Pandora FMS roadmap

Since releasing Pandora 4.0, we have tried to keep the same version for as long as possible. However, Pandora FMS is being constantly updated by little updates every two or three months, which is why, last year we released Pandora FMS 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and 4.0.3. Simultaneously, we have been working on Pandora FMS 5.0. that has just been released. Take a look to our roadmap to know the evolution of Pandora FMS from the begining. 

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