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Update in: 5 March 2024


Important Notice: This plugin is no longer actively maintained or updated. We strongly advise you to explore alternative plugins available in our library for the latest features and support.

Ver. 10-05-2023

Plugin to monitor a Sybase ASE database.

Type: this plugin runs on the agent

*For linux it is recommended to use the other version of the sybase plugin in the library

Módulo  Descripción
Sybase ASE status Server status
Sybase ASE Backup server status Backup server status
Sybase CPU Busy Time the Server was busy during the previous polling cycle
Sybase Locks Remaining Number of locks available for use
Sybase Memory Use Memory used in MB
Sybase Mirror Devices Number of devices that are configured to be mirrored but are not currently being mirrored
Sybase Suspect Databases Number of databases flagged as suspicious or unusable by the Adaptive Server
Sybase_active_locks Number of active locks
Sybase_total_locks Number of total locks
Sybase_users_conected Number of connected users
Sybase_version Version number
Sybase all databases used size Used size of all databases


ES:  Sybase ES


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