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List of OID used on SQUID remote monitoring using SNMP.

Module data

By default SQUID uses 3401 port for SNMP agent, and you need to enable the SNMP agent in the SQUID server. After that, you can use SNMP queries to obtain detailed performance informacion on SQUID server. Most important metrics are resumed here.

To use a different port (in this case, 3401), remember to use address:port syntax on the module definition in pandora:

cacheUptime (TIMETICKS)
cacheVersionId (STRING)
cacheSysPageFaults (COUNTER)
cacheMemUsage (INTEGER)
cacheCpuUsage (INTEGER)
cacheClientProtoHttpRequests (COUNTER)
cacheServerRequests (COUNTER)
cacheServerErrors (COUNTER)
cacheServerInKb (COUNTER)
cacheServerOutKb (COUNTER)
cacheClients (INTEGER)
cacheHttpHits (COUNTER)
cacheHttpErrors (COUNTER)
cacheHttpInKb (COUNTER)
cacheHttpOutKb (COUNTER)
cacheEntries (INTEGER)
cacheRequests (COUNTER)
cacheHits (COUNTER)
cachePendingHits (COUNTER)
cacheMisses (COUNTER)

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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior