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Update in: 5 March 2024


Important Notice: This plugin is no longer actively maintained or updated. We strongly advise you to explore alternative plugins available in our library for the latest features and support.

Pandora FMS plugin for SAP Hana Database allows you to monitor your Hana database.

The plugin is capable to retrieve following information:

  • SAP Hana connection status
  • SAP Hana services health
  • SAP Hana HDB Daemon status
  • SAP Hana HDB Compileserver status
  • SAP Hana HDB Indexserver-DBH status
  • SAP Hana HDB Indexserver-D11 status
  • SAP Hana HDB Nameserver status
  • SAP Hana HDB Preprocessor status
  • SAP Hana HDB Scriptserver-D11 status
  • SAP Hana HDB Web Dispatcher status
  • SAP Hana HDB XSEngine-DBH status
  • SAP Hana HDB Indexserver-B11 status
  • SAP Hana license validity
  • SAP Hana license permanent
  • SAP Hana license usage
  • SAP Hana connections running
  • SAP Hana connections active
  • SAP Hana connections idle
  • SAP Hana transactions blocked
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA_BACKUP read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA_BACKUP write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG_BACKUP read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG_BACKUP write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/CATALOG_BACKUP read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/CATALOG_BACKUP write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT Row Store allocated size
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT Row Store free ratio
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT Row Store reorg.
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT CPU time self
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT data file state
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT data disk usage

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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior