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Update in: 19 February 2019


Pandora FMS plugin for SAP Hana Database allows you to monitor your Hana database.

The plugin is capable to retrieve following information:

  • SAP Hana connection status
  • SAP Hana services health
  • SAP Hana HDB Daemon status
  • SAP Hana HDB Compileserver status
  • SAP Hana HDB Indexserver-DBH status
  • SAP Hana HDB Indexserver-D11 status
  • SAP Hana HDB Nameserver status
  • SAP Hana HDB Preprocessor status
  • SAP Hana HDB Scriptserver-D11 status
  • SAP Hana HDB Web Dispatcher status
  • SAP Hana HDB XSEngine-DBH status
  • SAP Hana HDB Indexserver-B11 status
  • SAP Hana license validity
  • SAP Hana license permanent
  • SAP Hana license usage
  • SAP Hana connections running
  • SAP Hana connections active
  • SAP Hana connections idle
  • SAP Hana transactions blocked
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA_BACKUP read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA_BACKUP write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG_BACKUP read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG_BACKUP write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/CATALOG_BACKUP read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/CATALOG_BACKUP write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/LOG write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA read bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT/DATA write bandwidth
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT Row Store allocated size
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT Row Store free ratio
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT Row Store reorg.
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT CPU time self
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT data file state
  • SAP Hana HOST:PORT data disk usage

Only enterprise users can view the download links.

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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior