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Update in: 19 August 2021


With this plug-in you can view the monitoring data of your openstack instances and hypervisors.

It connects to the account via a token.

Type: Server plug-in

Instance agent modules

memorymemory used by the machine
memory-actualmemory actual used by the machine
memory-rssResident Set Size and is used to show how much memory is allocated
vda_errorsdiagnostics for a libvirt based instance, vda receibed errors
vda_readdiagnostics for a libvirt based instance, vda dates read
vda_read_reqdiagnostics for a libvirt based instance, vda dates requests read
vda_writediagnostics for a libvirt based instance, vda dates write
vda_write_reqdiagnostics for a libvirt based instance, vda write requests dates

Modules generated in the hypervisor agents:

free_disk_gbavalaible disk space
free_ram_mbavailable ram
disk_available_leastthis value is dependent on over committed value of disk, disk_available_least = disk_free_gb – disk_over_committed
local_gbthe total available disk for the node’s virtual machine, local_gb = local_gb_used + free_disk_gb
local_gb_usedthe sum of the node’s virtual machine disk
memory_mbthe total ram of the node, memory_mb_used + free_ram_mb
memory_mb_usedthe sum of the rams of the node’s virtual machine
vcpusnode ​​physical cpu total threads
vcpus_usedthe sum of the vcpus of the node virtual machine
current_workloadhypervisor current workload
host_iphypervisor host ip
hypervisor_typehypervisor type
hypervisor_versionhypervisor version
running_vmsnumber of virtual machines running

EN: Pandora Openstack EN
ES:  Pandora Openstack ES



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