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Update in: 25 June 2019


How do I measure the performance of my database?

Since Pandora FMS 7.0NG 707 is distributed with the OpenSource server a utility to measure the performance of your MySQL server.

With this utility you can analyze:


Database performance:

  • CPU ops / ms: CPU operations per ms
  • DB INSERT / s: Data insertion capacity (queries per second)
  • DB UPDATE / s: Data update capacity (queries per second)
  • DB SELECT / s: Data selection capacity (queries per second)
  • DB DELETE / s: Data deletion capacity (queries per second)


Analysis of the main tables of Pandora FMS:

  • Agent table
  • Module table
  • Data table
  • String data table
  • Event table
  • Access stats
  • Audit information


Analysis of the capacity of your Pandora FMS installation:

  • Agents per second: Number of XML files that Pandora FMS is capable of processing.
  • Modules per second: Number of modules that the MySQL database is capable of processing.
  • Max agents: Maximum capacity of agents that your server should be able to monitor.
  • Max modules: Maximum number of monitors you can display (to be distributed among all your agents)


To execute it start:

perl /usr/share/pandora_server/util/pandora_perf_report /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf

Download it: /library/files_repository/pandora_perf_report.zip

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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior