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Update in: 5 March 2024


Important Notice: This plugin is no longer actively maintained or updated. We strongly advise you to explore alternative plugins available in our library for the latest features and support.

This plugin retrieves information about:

  • Running processes in the current node.
  • General information of the storage cells defined.
    • General status of the cell server:
      • MS Service status.
      • RS Service status.
      • CellSrv Service status.
    • Information about HCA (each port):
      • Port status
      • Physical port state
    • Information about physical drives:
      • ErrCount
      • ErrOtherCount
      • PhysicalSize
      • LastFailureReason
      • Status
      • PhyisicalRPM
    • Information about cell disks.
      • Basic ReadAverage (ms)
      • Basic WriteAverage (ms)
      • ErrCount
      • Size
      • FreeSpace
      • Status
    • Information about grid disks.
      • Number of requests to read/write small/large blocks per second.
      • Number of megabytes read/write in small/large blocks per second.
    • Custom queries using the cellcli utility.
  • Custom SNMP queries.


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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior