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This plugin is used to check if a file in a remote (FTP) server has X days or less from last modification, at has at least X KB in size. Files to check are search in the remote server by using a regular expression or substring. Parameters needed are:

-u User for FTP login
-p Password for FTP login
-h Host for FTP Login
-x Path on FTP host
-t Timeout of connection in secs
-v Set passive connection instead active
-e Regular expression to match filename pattern
-d Max. days of file date to be considered valid
-s Min. size (KB) to be considered valid

This is a perl plugin to be used as a remote plugin. With some modifications should be able to use as local module. Compile it in a .exe to be used as a Windows Local module.

Module data

See documentation inside (ODT and PDF) for more details.



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