Network Monitoring

With Pandora FMS, you're able to measure the used bandwidth in your network - either by asking your router or switches by SNMP or by processing Netflow statistics, sent by your routers. Understanding bandwidth and resource consumption is the key to achieve better network management:
  • Avoid bandwidth and server performance bottlenecks.
  • Find out what applications or servers are consuming your bandwidth.
  • Deliver better quality of service to your users by being proactive.
  • Reduce cost by purchasing bandwidth and hardware according to the actual load.
  • Answer to the questions of where your bandwidth is being used, who's using it and how it's being used.
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Router network traffic (interactive graph)
Routers, switches, modems, API’s and other network equipment speak a common language: SNMP. With Pandora FMS, you're able to set up a device with a few clicks and start monitoring bandwidth, interface status, average load, storage space, memory usage and much more. You're also able to get dozens of different reports to get useful information.
Would you like to know more? Just use our Recon Server to detect all your networks, including topologies, hierarchies and OS’s and apply templates to start monitoring your devices automatically. An entire Class B Network can be detected and monitored in less than an hour!
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Enterprise network map view 

Do you have a huge network? The new Satellite Server is able to manage more than 100,000 nodes through a single server - and combined with the scalable architecture and the meta console, you can manage a million devices, using a single central point of operation.


WEB monitoring

Pandora FMS performs real transactional web monitoring. The Enterprise version uses a real browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) with real extensions (Java, Flash) to navigate inside of your web application. It's equipped with a recorder and remembers if you click on a button, registers your mouse input and you can provide the expected results to see if everything is right, of course. This is pure synthetical translation monitoring, not just the checking of a port and a http response.

With Pandora FMS, you're able to get the load times per page or for the whole transaction and, of course, check if the entire process was ok. The WEB monitoring can also be used to get dynamic values from a web site, or just navigate a simple page.

Distributed topology

Pandora FMS knows five ways to manage the problem of distributed architectures, complex topologies, different management teams, alert escalations and big deployments:
  • Metaconsole: Lets you manage independent Pandora FMS setups with a single point of operation by using a federated system. You can manage thousands of nodes with it. We've heard success stories of setups with more than 8,000 nodes running.
  • Multiple servers in a single setup: Multiple servers, even in different physical networks, sharing a central database, are used to split the load and adapt to the topology of your network.
  • Broker Agent:Use a single agent as a 'coordinator' for other agents or just to perform a limited network monitoring, using the system which is running the agent. It's very useful in cases where you can't establish a direct connection to the remote network.
  • Export server: Export a part of your monitoring data from one server to another which is without a permanent connection and has isolated administration (because of different teams).
  • Satellite server: Sweep networks for new network devices or Linux / Windows servers, automatically monitor them and launch hundreds of thousands of SNMP or ICMP checks with a single server - even out of your network. This is the ultimate tool that goes where others cannot (available in versions 5.1 and above).
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Isolated network topology  (Broker / Satellite)

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