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Module data

This server plugin parses a web, supports http basic authentication.

The plugin returns:

* ERROR (<error_content>) if an string like this ERROR (disk error on sector 45) was found,

* If there were no errors the script will return OK if a string like this OK (disk ok) was found.

If there weren’t ERROR or OK strings the script won’t return anything.

How to use:

Usage: parse_web.pl --url <absolute_url> [--auth_server <auth_server> --auth_port <auth_port> --auth_user <auth_user> --auth_pass <auth_pass> --auth_realm <auth_realm>

An usage example could be:

./parse_web.pl --url "http://myweb.com/ --auth_server "myweb.com" --auth_port 80 --auth_user "user" --auth_pass "pass" --auth_realm "Private area"



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