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Update in: 3 October 2023


Pandora UX is an automated task-execution system that subsequently reports the results of executions and chronometries to Pandora FMS, and also includes screenshots of possible errors, to provide more intuitive, visually-oriented feedback.

Pandora UX employs two default technologies for automatizing tasks:

  • Pandora Web Robot (PWR): which permits web navigation and replicates user actions. It checks contents, texts, etc. and is ideal for monitoring sites and apps not based on flash. Pros: quicker, can run in the background.
  • Pandora Desktop Robot (PDR): replicates user-interactions with Windows and Linux OSs. Pandora UX launches prepared scripts using this tool, allowing for more advanced and specific monitoring. E.g., plugins can be deployed on hardware and connect to distinct networks to check that what users would see is functioning correctly. Its principal use is to monitor heavy desktop apps.

It also includes Flex-tech application monitoring (adobe), which would be incompatible with Selenium without modifying the app itself.

If your system already has automated task-execution Pandora UX can still be used to execute pre-existing scripts and also to monitor their execution.

English documentation

Documentación en Español



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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior