WMI Service

Module that checks if the WMI service is active. Module data module_begin  module_name WMI Service  module_type generic_proc  module_service winmgmt  module_description WMI Service enabled  module_end

Free Memory on Windows

Module that returns the percentage of the system free memory. Module data module_begin  module_name Free Memory  module_type generic_data  module_freepercentmemory  module_description Free memory (%).  module_min_warning 21  module_max_warning 30  module_min_critical...

Number processes on Windows

Module that returns the number of processes of the system. Module data module_begin  module_name Number processes  module_type generic_data  module_exec tasklist | gawk “NR > 3 {print$0}” | wc ­l  module_description Number of processes running ...

CPU Load on Windows

This module returns the percentage of the CPU in use. The syntaxis for the module would be the following. Module data module_begin  module_name CPU Load  module_type generic_data  module_wmiquery SELECT LoadPercentage FROM Win32_Processor  module_wmicolumn...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior