Windows process list snapshot

This local plugin create a string module containing a list of running processes in the server, useful to get a “snapshot” of commands running in the server. Use like another normal local plugin, for example: module_plugin cmd.exe /C...

File listing (Snapshot, Windows)

This is a sample of file listing implemented as snapshot (Windows Plugin Script). Change the paths/names for be useful for you. Could be interesting to monitor or apply regexp warn/critical status thresholds. Execute as local plugin: module_plugin filelisting.bat...

Netstat snapshot (Linux)

This snapshot plugin, send netstat information as Command Snapshot (generic string module). Module data Change permissions (chmod 755) and execute as: module_plugin Files:

Unix process snapshot

This local plugin module for Unix agents will give you a string data module with a snapshot of running processes, including CPU, MEMORY and system stats, as resulting from TOP command, very useful to catch the whole system status in a single snapshot. Use for 4.0.3...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior