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Module data

Nagios has a lot of amazing plugins you can use with Pandora FMS. One way is to use remote plugins with the Plugin Server, using the nagios compatibility, but they only get it’s status, doesn’t use the descriptive output which some plugins for nagios have.

Using the wrapper for use nagios plugins in the software agent will solve this problem. The wrapper comes with default with 3.2 Unix agent. You can download the both plugin wrappers (unix and windows) here.

What does the plugin wrapper for nagios plugins?
Execute the nagios plugin, using it’s native parameters, and converting the output in a data useful for Pandora FMS, it has two kind of information:

* Status information: NORMAL (1), CRITICAL (0), WARNING (2), UNKNOWN () and other (4). By default, it will use a proc module, so NORMAL and CRITICAL values are working “by default”; if you want to have information on WARNING and OTHER values you should setup the module thresholds manually.

* Descriptive information: Usually string information, will be put on the description field on module, this is usually something like “OK: successfully logged in” or similar.

Get more information in the official Pandora FMS documentation.




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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior