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Update in: 18 May 2018


Mail Transport Layer plugin allows you to monitor the flow of a testing mail in your mail service, independently of the manufacturer.

Service Timing

The timing control to monitor the IMAP and SMTP service is managed by the pandora_mtl plugin.
It generates the following modules by default:

  • Mail delivery latency
  • Mail delivery status
  • Mail reception latency
  • Mail reception status

Pandora MTL modes

  1. Default: Sends a mail, checks it on inbox, and deletes it, reports in XML format.
  2. Sendmail: Sends a mail and reports in XML format.
  3. Sendmail_quiet: Sends a mail without output.
  4. Checkmail: Checks if there’s a mail with the given subject, reports in XML format.
  5. Deletemail: Deletes a mail with the given subject (first found if there’s multiple mails with that subject) only if it exists. Report the timing in XML format.


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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior