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Update in: 6 March 2024


JBOSS With this plugin you can monitor JBOSS.

With the Pandora FMS plugin for JBoss you could monitor:

  • Jboss_Status_INSTANCE: Status of the Jboss instance
  • Jboss_ESTAB_CONN_INSTANCE. Established Connections in the instance.
  • Jboss_CLOSE_WAIT_INSTANCE. Connections in CLOSE/WAIT status
  • Jboss_LAST_ACK_INSTANCE. Connections in LAST/ACK status
  • Jboss_TIME_WAIT_INSTANCE. Connections in TIME/WAIT status
  • Jboss_FIN_WAIT2_INSTANCE. Connections in FIN/WAIT status
  • Jboss_CPU_use_INSTANCE. Use CPU used by the instance
  • Jboss_RAM_use_INSTANCE. Use RAM used by the instance
  • Jboss_Listen_INSTANCE: If there is any port listening for this instance
  • With parameter os_info_check
    • Jboss_max_file_desc.­ Maximum number of
    • Jboss_file_desc_open.­ Number of open File Descriptors
    • Jboss_phy_mem_used.­ % of physical memory used
    • Jboss_swap_memory_used.­ % of used swap memory
  • With the server_info_check parameter
    • Jboss_Threads_current_INSTANCE. Threads in use by the server
    • Jboss_server_name.­ Name of the jboss server
    • Jboss_server_vendor.­ Operative System
    • Jboss_classes_loaded.­ Number of Java classes loaded
    • Jboss_classes_total.­ Number of total Java classes
    • Jboss_threads_current.­ Number of current threads in the instance
    • Jboss_runtime_name.­ Java VM name
    • Jboss_jvm.­ JVM identifier
    • Jboss_jvm_startup.­ Java process startup time
  • Mbeans added
    • Jboss_HeapMemoryUsed_INSTANCE. Used memory of the Java virtual machine for the Jboss instance
    • Jboss_HeapMemoryMax_INSTANCE. Máximum available memory of the Java virtual machine for Jboss instance
    • Jboss_CurrentThreadCpuTime_INSTANCE.­ CPU Current threads
    • Jboss_PeakThreadCount_INSTANCE.­ Maximum number of threads
    • Jboss_DaemonThreadCount_INSTANCE.­ Number of java demon threads running in background
    • Jboss_TotalStartedThreadCount.­ Number of threads at start
    • Jboss_ Http_bytesSent_INSTANCE. Bytes sent through HTTP.
    • Jboss_Http_bytesReceived_INSTANCE. Bytes received through HTTP.
    • Jboss_Http_errorCount_INSTANCE.­ Wrong requests to HTTP port.
    • Jboss_Http_requestCount _INSTANCE. Web requests to the HTTP port.
    • Jboss_Http_maxTime_INSTANCE. HTTP Maximum time.
    • Jboss_Http_maxConnections_INSTANCE. No de conexiones máximas HTTP .
    • Jboss_AJP_requestCount _INSTANCE. Web request to AJP port.
    • Jboss_AJP_bytesSent_INSTANCE. Bytes sent to the AJP port.
    • Jboss_AJP_bytesReceived_INSTANCE. Received bytes to AJP port.
    • Jboss_AJP_errorCount _INSTANCE. Wrong request to AJP.
    • Jboss_AJP_maxTime_INSTANCE. Maximum time of the AJP request.
    • Jboss_AJP_maxConnections_INSTANCE. No of AJP máximum connections.

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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior