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This SQL is for report different information about the current monitoring:

– List of currently configured agents, with its group and ip address.
– List of currently configured agents and modules.
– List of currently configured modules and alerts / actions.

Module data

Monitoring Report Agent

select direccion, nombre, comentarios, (select nombre from tgrupo where tgrupo.id_grupo = tagente.id_grupo) as `group` from tagente;

Monitoring Report Modules

select (select tagente.nombre from tagente where tagente.id_agente = tagente_modulo.id_agente) as agent_name, nombre , (select tmodule_group.name from tmodule_group where tmodule_group.id_mg = tagente_modulo.id_module_group) as module_group, module_interval from tagente_modulo where delete_pending = 0 order by agent_name;

Monitoring Report Alerts

select t1.nombre as agent_name, t2.nombre as module_name, (select talert_templates.name from talert_templates where talert_templates.id = t3.id_alert_template) as template, (select group_concat(t02.name) from talert_template_module_actions as t01 inner join talert_actions as t02 on t01.id_alert_action = t02.id where t01.id_alert_template_module = t3.id group by t01.id_alert_template_module) as actions from tagente as t1 inner join tagente_modulo as t2 on t1.id_agente = t2.id_agente inner join talert_template_modules as t3 on t2.id_agente_modulo = t3.id_agent_module order by agent_name, module_name;
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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior