Software RAID status

Check any problem on a Software RAID. To use it, save it with name “check_raid” on plugins folder on pandora agent, and add the following line on the configuration file: module_plugin check_raid Author: Manuel Angel Fernandez His blog:...

CPU: msc

msc Module data SELECT LoadPercentage from Win32_Processor WHERE DeviceID = “CPU0”

DRBD Monitoring

List of modules to monitor DRBD For more details on how to obtain these modules, see the article DRBD monitoring, available in Spanish and English, in our blog. Module data % Use filesystem . Percentage of use of the...

NUT UPS monitoring

Use these modules to create modules for each value. Explore output (it depends on each model of UPS) with: upsc myups@localhost And rewrite modules as your own criteria. Module data module_begin  module_name UPS Online  module_type generic_proc  module_exec upsc...

LDAP query Plugin

Module data This plugin monitoring OpenLDAP server through Idap queries with no need of having a LDAP client installed in the Pandora server. Files:

Chrome extension

Module data This is an extension for integrate the event/alarm system in the google chrome browser. Useful to receive realtime notifications on events. You can download directly from Google:...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior