Website speed

Bash plugin to measure the website response speed including the following metrics: – Time to First Byte – Total load time – Pre-transfer time – Response HTTP code – Page total size Author: Manuel Angel Fernandez His blog:...

HTTP time total

This can get the time total to HTTP GET about specified URL. Requirement: curl Note: You may change the {time_total} to other parameter. ex) http_code, time_namelookup, time_connect, speed_download see man curl more detail. Module data module_begin  module_name...

Squid SNMP monitoring

List of OID used on SQUID remote monitoring using SNMP. Module data By default SQUID uses 3401 port for SNMP agent, and you need to enable the SNMP agent in the SQUID server. After that, you can use SNMP queries to obtain detailed performance informacion on SQUID...

WEB Hits (apache)

Simple query to get hits per second on a apache, parsing it’s access logfile. Warning: Could be HEAVY on big sites (GB logs per hour). Make interval 10min or more if it’s on bigsites. Module data module_begin  module_name WEB_Hits  module_type...

Microsoft IIS Server Monitoring

Monitoring of Microsoft basic IIS Services. Modules module_begin  module_name WEBService  module_type generic_proc  module_service W3SVC  module_description World Wide Web Publishing Service  module_end

Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Basic service monitoring for microsoft SQL Server 2000 in a windows pandora fms agent. Local module. Modules module_begin module_name msSQL Server 2K module_type generic_proc module_service MSSQLSERVER module_end

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior