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Update in: 5 March 2024


Important Notice: This plugin is no longer actively maintained or updated. We strongly advise you to explore alternative plugins available in our library for the latest features and support.

This specific monitoring uses CloudWatch API to monitor your instances in Amazon EC2 service. You need to have activated the cloudwatch enabled in your instance. This remote server plugin is used to get information from your instances using the network plugin server, that means you will need to register the plugin in the server, and make different modules to grab the information of your EC2 servers.

This is an example of the execution:

./ec2_plugin.sh -A AKIAILTVJ3S26GTKAAA -S CgmQ6Dx6f634ed464ca64b4989abf 
 -i i-9d0b4abf1 -n AWS/EC2 -m CPUUtilization

It will return a % un numeric value of the metric “CPUUtilization” in the instance i-9d0b4abf1


To install you will need:

1. To have a running JAVA setup, and now its JAVA home directory. In the Pandora FMS Appliance (Vmware/Image) is set in /usr/

2. Copy this plugin to a path, and set the permissions to 755, and set the base path on the AWS_CLOUDWATCH_HOME variable present in the first lines of the plugin. You need to edit the plugin first lines.

The plugin has several files:

/ec2_plugin.sh – Plugin itself
/bin/* – Components of Amazon CloudWatch (Monitoring) Command Line Tools, included in this bundle. This scripts are distributed under the Apache Licence.

Put the whole package on a dir in the server, for example:


And set the AWS_CLOUDWATCH_HOME to /usr/share/pandora_server/plugin/ec2

If you have doubts about if it’s correctly installed, execute directly this command:

/usr/share/pandora_server/plugin/ec2/mon-cmd --version

Should returl something like:

Amazon CloudWatch CLI version (API 2010-08-01)

If you get the same string, you’re ready to use the plugin.



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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior