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Solarwinds vulnerable

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Security Pandora FMS



At the end of December 2020, the biggest security breach in the US federal government in the last decade was made public by an infiltration of the Solarwinds code. There are more than 20,000 affected Solarwinds customers worldwide.


Coverage is key

We cover all the feature areas of Solarwinds. Solarwinds, like Pandora FMS, is a very complete suite that includes network monitoring, application monitoring, WEB transactions monitoring, event and log management, remote control or ITSM, however, we also extend all this with additional SAP monitoring, excellent reporting tool and MSP capabilities.

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Best price

Pandora FMS beats Solarwinds in any scenario and we are well aware of the effort required to migrate to Pandora FMS.


Flexibility and extensibility

FMS stands for “Flexible Monitoring System”, we are flexible not only technically, but also our basic enterprise license covers most of the requirements of any organization and it allows an easy cost calculation without unpleasant surprises once the operation starts.

Our extensibility is not limited to any specific type of interface or technology. We can encompass any system, resource or device that outputs data, such as a camera, an industrial freezer, a sensor, etc.

Flexibility Pandora FMS
Support Pandora FMS


Support and customer service

With more than 15 years of market presence we can count on lots of international references and we also are aware of how crucial is the proximity between the manufacturer and the final customer when necessary. We offer training and 24×7 support directly from the manufacturer in case you require it.

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Pandora FMS vs Solarwinds

Features Pandora FMS Solarwinds
Network monitoring Pandora FMS Enterprise
Features included in the Enterprise license.
With a specific license
Server monitoring With a specific license
Application monitoring With a specific license
WEB User Experience With a specific license
ITSM With a specific license
Remote control With a specific license
Event / Log collection With a specific license
Enterprise reporting With a specific license
MSP Console With a specific license With a specific license
SAP™ Certified Plugin With a specific license Not available

Know in detail what advantages exist with Pandora FMS

Solarwinds alternative to monitor your infrastructure: Pandora FMS

Both solutions are designed with medium-to-large business IT infrastructures in mind, and are focused on…

Monitoring and security: an open marriage?

Major security problem caused by SolarWinds in their installed base in the government of the United States of America

Pandora FMS Licenses

We adapt our licenses for each type of company

Not all companies or organizations work in the same way, each year they spend huge amounts of money on packaged and limiting solutions. Pandora FMS offers you the freedom to adjust your license to the rhythm of your operations

Pandora FMS MaaS



Nº of Agents

Monthly subscription




Several Levels

Operation and management

Several Levels

24×7 Support
Pandora FMS Lite 35



Nº of Agents

Annual subscription





Operation and managment


24×7 Support

Pandora FMS Enterprise



Nº de Agentes

Subscription or perpetual





Operation and management

Independent contract

24×7 Support