Unlimited monitoring software

Pandora FMS is a versatile monitoring software, capable of adapting to any IT environment

Networks, servers, applications, databases, etc. A solution that will integrate into all the layers of your business, giving you the information that concerns you instantly and from a single tool.

Pandora FMS

Identify the root problem instantly

Monitoring is the bridge between technology and business. With it you will be able to see easily and from a single point where the problem is, reducing your SLA times and increasing your productivity exponentially.

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  • Local infrastructure
  • Providers
  • Cloud
  • Clients
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Collect & Monitor

  • Logs
  • Performance Data
  • Events
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  • Trends
  • Reports
  • Charts
  • Business dashboard


  • Remote control
  • Alerts
  • API
  • CMDB
  • Service Desk


  • Hardening
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Security monitoring

Why is IT infrastructure monitoring important?

And what functionalities do I need from an IT monitoring tool?

Monitoring your IT infrastructure is essential, as it allows your technicians to closely observe the performance pattern of devices and foresee possible unanticipated network failures.

This contributes to disaster-proofing the network and improving the performance rate.

Pandora FMS infraestructure supervision

Infrastructure supervision

Pandora FMS communication and networks

Networks and communication

Pandora FMS reports and analytics

Analytics and Reports

Pandora FMS support metrics

Professional support

Pandora FMS can give you all this and much more. You don’t believe it? Check it out in product summary! →

Have your entire IT infrastructure under supervision

Try it →

IT environments: networks or applications


24/7 technical support available in English

Supervisor of SCADA systems in industrial facilities

IP camera monitoring and control system for physical security environments.

Web applications: 24×7 full transaction system with fault reporting and SLA reports

Monitoring of metrobuses and trucks with on-board equipment

Why monitor with Pandora FMS Enterprise?

Reduces downtime

Visualizes information in an understandable way

Prioritizes tasks in case of any problem

Real location and status of each device

Companies from more than 60 countries around the world rely on Pandora FMS, achieving significant savings in time and costs, as well as improvements in their Service Level Agreements (SLA). With a strong international presence, we offer extensive support with opening hours adapted to American and European time zones. In addition, our RMM, NMS, PRO and Corporate licenses offer complete coverage of all the features you need. Check our prices →


A single license

One product with all the functionality, no additional costs.


Scalability and simplicity

Highly scalable and simple to implement technological integration.


Training and consulting in Spanish

We provide you with all the resources you need to get the most out of the platform.

⚙️ +500 integrations: expand the power of your monitoring

We offer real solutions to everyday problems, through Enterprise application plugins in collaboration with our customers. We have current technology integrations, used in production environments around the world.

We support emerging technologies, established and even legacy systems.

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Chris B., Capterra

“I have spent a lot of time working with the support and development department analyzing our needs for monitoring, different scripts and custom reports, and they have always been able to develop enhancements to the software to meet our requirements while bringing value to the other customers. They are flexible not only in terms of the software but also in terms of the company’s roadmap.”
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Francisco Pardo, Trustpilot

“Pandora FMS scored the best out of the many alternatives we reviewed. It solved a lot of gaps that we didn’t know how to address: from extracting inventories in real time or a 10-year history, to the user experience. Of all the monitoring software I think Pandora FMS is the one that encompasses the two main ideas that a system of this type should have: simplicity and efficiency. The work of monitoring the events of a huge network is exhausting, but also essential in the field of technology, and tools like this play a great role.”
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Alexandre Pérez, IT Central Station

“Thanks to Pandora FMS we have been able to unify everything in a single tool, making all our work more efficient and detecting problems quickly. We can see exactly where the error is, and we also have the tools to fix it as soon as possible. With Pandora FMS we have everything under constant control and supervision.”
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Luis Ibrahim, G2 Crowd

“Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. You can also deploy the solution as a standalone server and still monitor the entire infrastructure using multiple network adapters. Versatile tool if ever there was one.”
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