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Data Pandora
“Learning by making mistakes and not duplicating them is what life is about”
Lindsay Fox

We at Pandora FMS agree with Lindsay Fox, and after more than 18 years of experience, and following that advice, we defined our own development methodology that we describe in detail in our blog →

In IT software, as you may know, what really matters are final versions users execute, that is why the most important for us is combining flexibility and speed in delivering changes, new features and troubleshooting.

Try our version release strategy, now at two different speeds

Regular Rolling Releases

Regular Rolling Release (RRR)

Their periodicity is approximately every two months. Most new features are released in an RRR, so that any edges that need polishing are polished by the time they reach an LTS.

It’s our strategy to release versions with more changes in an effective way. Ideal for those users who need to be up to date and are not afraid of finding some unpolished detail. RRR versions have a Q/A process that validates each ticket and a final checklist that validates the whole release as a whole.

Long Time Support

Long Time Support (LTS)

They are annual versions in which stability is a priority and have less new features than RRR versions.

They usually accumulate minor corrections of the new features that appeared in the RRR versions and their Q/A process includes, in addition to the same steps as an RRR, an exhaustive final product checklist that lasts several weeks. For environments that do not require new features on an urgent basis, we recommend that our customers upgrade from LTS to LTS on an annual basis.


LTS Patches

We only release patches for Long Time Support (LTS) versions, except for some particular cases where we do so for Regular Rolling Release (RRR) versions.

Security patches are developed as soon as possible after the vulnerability is detected. Patches for LTS versions usually include critical-bug troubleshooting and solutions to security problems.

Pandora FMS LTS Program:
Balancing Stability and Innovation

Our software release cycle ensures a harmonious blend of stability and innovation. The annual Long-Term Support (LTS) version prioritizes stability, providing a reliable foundation with extensive testing and refinement for a secure software environment.

For those seeking the latest features more frequently, we offer Regular Rolling Release (RRR) updates every two months. These dynamic releases keep users at the forefront of innovation, delivering improvements without the need to wait for a major annual update.

Opting for an LTS release guarantees stability and security without frequent updates. With extended support, including security and critical bug fixes, LTS users benefit from a robust and reliable software version.

Update Manager and Warp Update

Through Update Manager, you may update Pandora FMS easily and quickly. Since 2016, when we started version 7.0 (named NG), we followed a rolling release model, replacing the traditional model featuring major/minor versions, which allows us to release many more features and has a lighter impact on the updating process.

From version 755, Update Manager is replaced by Warp Update, which will enable updating all components (including the server) centralized and easily, also big environments managed by the Metaconsole.

Update Manager
Pandora FMS systems

Roadmap de Pandora FMS

If you are interested in what we are working on now, you can see our roadmap for the next 18 months. Our Platinum partners can see our internal development roadmap and help us prioritize the most client-demanded features.

Version notes

Hereon you can see the full version note list of all Pandora FMS NG (7.x) released versions. In version notes, we describe through a summary their changes and also name each and every one of them for better comprehension.

See all the important changes and improvements implemented in our Changelog →

Current version 777 LTS Andromeda

Package 777 LTS Andromeda June 2024 View notes →
Patch Notes for 772.4 LTS April 2024 View notes →
Package 776 RRR March 2024 View notes →
Patch Notes for 772.3 LTS February 2024 View notes →
Package 775 RRR December 2023 View notes →
Patch Notes for 772.2 LTS November 2023 View notes →
Patch Notes for 772.1 LTS November 2023 View notes →
Package 774 RRR November 2023 View notes →
Package 773 RRR August 2023 View notes →
Package 772 LTS Renaissance June 2023 View notes →
Package 771 RRR May 2023 View notes →
Package 770 RRR April 2023 View notes →

v7.0 NG 760

Package 769 RRR Februrary 2023 View notes →
Package 768 RRR January 2023 View notes →
Package 767 LTS HOPE November 2022 View notes →
Package 766 RRR November 2022 View notes →
Package 765 RRR October 2022 PDF
Package 764 RRR August 2022 PDF
Package 763 RRR June 2022 PDF
Package NG 762 LTS Akira May 2022 PDF
Package 761 April 2022 PDF
Package 760 February 2022 PDF

v7.0 NG 750

Package 759 December 2021 PDF
Package 758 LTS November 2021 PDF
Package 757 September 2021 PDF
Package 756 July 2021 PDF
Package 755 June 2021 PDF
Package 754 LTS April 2021 PDF
Package 753 April 2021 PDF
Package 752 February 2021 PDF
Package 751 December 2020 PDF
Package 750 LTS November 2020 PDF

v7.0 NG 740

Package 749 September 2020 PDF
Package 748 August 2020 PDF
Package 747 July 2020 PDF
Package 746 June 2020 PDF
Package 745 May 2020 PDF
Package 744 Feb 2020 PDF
Package 743 Jan 2020 PDF
Package 742 Dec 2019 PDF
Package 741 Nov 2019 PDF
Package 740 Oct 2019 PDF

v7.0 NG 730

Package 739 Sept 2019 PDF
Package 738 Aug 2019 PDF
Package 737 July 2019 PDF
Package 736 June 2019 PDF
Package 735 May 2019 PDF
Package 734 April 2019 PDF
Package 733 March 2019 PDF
Package 732 Feb 2019 PDF
Package 731 Jan 2019 PDF
Package 730 Dec 2018 PDF

v7.0 NG 720

Package 729 Nov 2018 PDF
Package 728 Oct 2018 PDF
Package 727 Sep 2018 PDF
Package 726 Aug 2018 PDF
Package 725 July 2018 PDF
Package 724 June 2018 PDF
Package 723 June 2018 PDF
Package 722 May 2018 PDF
Package 721 April 2018 PDF
Package 720 March 2018 PDF

v7.0 NG 710

Package 719 February 2018 PDF
Package 718 January 2018 PDF
Package 717 December 2017 PDF
Package 716 November 2017 PDF
Package 715 November 2017 PDF
Package 714 October 2017 PDF
Package 713 October 2017 PDF
Package 712 September 2017 PDF

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