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Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS system requirements

OS EL8 (rockylinux8 & RHEL8), EL9 (rockylinux9 & RHEL9), Ubuntu (ubuntu 22.04)
RAM 2GB (4GB recommended)
SSD space 15GB (20GB recommended)
Internet Connection required
User role Admin (root)

These requirements are the minimum necessary for the installation, to properly size the monitoring environment, we recommend going to the minimum hardware requirements →

Online installation tools

To use the online installation tool just access the command line as root administrator user and run:

curl -SsL | bash

The installer will detect the deployed OS, in case it is one of the supported OS it will download, install and configure all necessary packages* automatically.

If you’re using Ubuntu, you may run:

curl -SsL | bash

This section provides instructions for two powerful tools that extend the reach of your Pandora FMS monitoring: Agents and Satellite Servers. These are installed after setting up your main Pandora FMS server.

Satellite Server

Pandora FMS Agents

The Pandora FMS agent is necessary to obtain detailed information of the system you want to monitor, it allows you to obtain more information than remote monitoring (without agent). In addition, if you want to use the RMM functions of the Pandora FMS agent, it is essential to install the Pandora FMS agent and the Pandora RC agent. The agent will need to access your Pandora FMS server using the Tentacle port (41121/tcp).

You can install agents, one by one, using the Agent Deployment Wizard from the Management -> Resources -> Agent Management section. If you want to download the agent to make a massive deployment, with our agent deployment tool or with another tool, you can download it from these links:

Pandora FMS Satellite Server

The satellite is used to perform discovery, and to be able to perform remote monitoring of network equipment, windows and linux machines in those environments that are far from the Pandora FMS server and do not have full connectivity (only from the Satellite to the Pandora FMS server). This is especially useful in client environments or remote networks where we can’t install agents, and we don’t have visibility from our main network.

By installing a satellite server we can monitor the systems in those networks from the Pandora FMS console. The satellite server can be installed in Windows64 bit and Linux, it doesn’t need many resources (you can install it in a virtual machine) and you only need to be able to access your Pandora FMS server using the Tentacle port (41121/tcp).

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