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Online installation tool

  • OS: RHEL 8.x / RockyLinux 8.x OS 
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB recommended)
  • SSD space: 15GB (20GB recommended)
  • Internet: Connection required
  • User role: Admin (root)

These requirements are the minimum necessary for the installation, to properly size the monitoring environment we recommend going to the minimum hardware requirements.

To use the online installation tool simply access the command line as root administrator user and run:
curl -SsL | sh
The installer will detect the deployed OS, in case it is one of the supported OS it will download, install and configure all necessary packages* automatically.

*In case of using RHEL 8 it will be necessary to be previously activated with a license and subscribed to the standard repositories.

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Installation guide and first steps

Startup official guide: all the way from the installation and report generation, to get the most out of your Pandora FMS trial version.

Tutorial videos: Basic concepts

Did you get stuck with Pandora FMS terminology? In this video we explain the very basic concepts so that you make the most out of this tool!

Pandora FMS: Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Have Pandora FMS ready to use, don’t spend valuable resources on installation, maintenance and operation.

More helpful resources

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Success stories


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Security architecture



Product sheet



Feature map





Main plugins library

Discover Pandora FMS main integrations among more than 700 plugins available.

We also have at your disposal technical comparatives with other products as well as our expertise with RFPs. Ask for our technical support if you need it to see the full potential of Pandora FMS.

Our team is at your full disposal to help you evaluate and offer their technical support if needed.

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Infrastructure Logs

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IDG security report

Protect the data that circulate through monitoring systems

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