Pandora FMS obtains Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification and reinforces its international projection

Notas de Prensa 2022, Press releases 2022

Madrid, September 27, 2022.- The IT firm Pandora FMS is now an officially certified software vendor to be used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and continues with its international recognition. After obtaining the verification of the American giant Red Hat, the company ratifies the quality of its monitoring systems by considering that it has satisfactory interoperability, higher security and compatibility with the most efficient and innovative practices on the market.

Red Hat’s Global ISV Program uses modern delivery methods to support a hybrid Cloud strategy that helps partners build and run applications on any Cloud. This Cloud-native strategic development builds on technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat Openshift and embodies best practices for steady integration and deployment (CI/CD) to help your customers succeed in the Cloud.

“The RHEL8 certification is a recognition of the work we are doing at Pandora FMS to adapt to the business situation both nationally and globally,” says Sancho Lerena, CEO of Pandora FMS. “Monitoring systems are the present and the future, even more so taking into account the massive amount of data that must be managed in every company today,” acknowledges the director of the company.

The confirmation of the RHEL8 system for Pandora FMS allows validating the knowledge of the Spanish organization in cutting-edge technology and provides greater exposure among hundreds of companies worldwide, since the certification implies standing out as a quality monitoring and guaranteed service provider within the Red Hat portfolio.

Red Hat is the world’s leading American multinational in providing open source systems for business. In fact, 90% of the companies on the prestigious Fortune 500 list, which analyzes American open-end companies, rely on Red Hat technology. Through their technology, different companies incorporate integration services, Cloud services or process and decision automation platforms that multiply the efficiency of each IT structure.

“RHEL8 certification opens up a wide range of opportunities for companies that need state-of-the-art monitoring systems. Pandora FMS compatibility with other Red Hat-backed data management systems is assured and companies can reduce costs by up to 30% depending on the industry,” Lerena confirms.  

The magnitude of Red Hat is such that its partners include Google, Amazon or Alibaba Cloud. Also great technology such as Cisco, Dell, Microsoft Intel or DXC, the company in charge of developing the software that manages BMW Group data. Even IT companies like Lenovo or Samsung are on the list of companies that lean on Red Hat.