Install in EC2 using public AMI

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Setup a Pandora FMS server from public AMI Image

We have created a new AMI for Pandora FMS on Amazon EC2's 'Community AMI' section. To get this to function you previously must be signed up for Amazon Web Services and have access to the community AMI's in order to correctly deploy this onto your Amazon VM.

Once our EC2 Dashboard has been accessed we can find the option labeled “Launch Instance”

The first step to launching this image is to select the option marked “Community AMIs”

This'll lead us to a search bar on the top part of our screens, where we will search for “Pandora FMS”.

Here we should be able to find the Pandora FMS AMI. By clicking on 'select' we move on to the second step which is 'selecting instance type'. From those that appear on the screen, we'll be able to choose whichever we prefer, according to the load assigned.

Once that has been selected, we move on to step 3: instance details. Here we can leave our default values assigned, if that is what we prefer to do.

During step 4 we'll select the storage assigned to the VM we'll be using. The minimum for this is 20GB. Remember: the faster the HDD, the better.

During step 5 we'll configure the name and tags, customizing them to our needs. We then move on to step 6 which is by far the most important one when creating the VM. We'll assign at least these permits to be able to configure our VM's security.

Once this is finished we should run the VM with the passkey we've configured for our account to access the devices effortlessly. Once that is completed, the instance should appear on our list as such

Lastly, we need to open our browser of choice and enter the IP shown on our VM, this should open the Pandora FMS login screen. We may now access the tool by introducing 'pandora' as the default username and password (which can be changed later).

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