Enterprise versionEnterprise version.

This is an advanced topic. You should already be familiar with Pandora FMS before attempting to deploy a Metaconsole. For more information visit our site or contact us at [email protected]


Version EnterpriseThe Metaconsole is a web interface that allows to visualize, synchronize and manage in a unified way different Pandora FMS monitoring systems -called nodes or instances- and it is exclusive of the Enterprise version.

Thanks to this Metaconsole it is possible to monitor hundreds of thousands of different devices in a centralized way, without having to look at each Instance (node) individually.

The Metaconsole offers a multitenant service, where it can be the access point for a user belonging to one company or where a single console can offer service to different companies, and within each company to different users of the same company.

Note its horizontal scalability, where each node has its own database to operate:

It is a complex environment, which incorporates the necessary functions to manage the different instances. The Metaconsole is designed not to manage at a low level, like the instances, but to operate with all the infrastructure that you have, centralizing all its nodes.

Thanks to this Metaconsole you will see a lot of information through different functions, such as the generation of reports or visual consoles with elements of different Instances, as well as the synchronization of events. In addition, you will be able to manage the different nodes with the creation of new agents, agent distribution, management of alert templates, policies and many other functions.

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