IDG Security Report

The data flowing through the monitoring systems is, in itself, the most important asset to protect.

An attacker can compromise the operation of the assets on which critical services run; in a hospital, it can take diagnostic tests out of service, or in the case of public services it can cause a shutdown in basic supplies (e.g. energy or telecommunications). On the other hand, it can be done with critical or sensitive information; for example, medical reports or company transactions.

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The report

This document aims to help organizations make their monitoring systems more secure by introducing security into monitoring conversations and decisions.

What topics will you learn about in our report?

Importancia de la seguridad


Importancia de la seguridad

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring processes and services in order to better manage and control them. However, they do not perceive the need to introduce security in monitoring.


Monitoring strategy

As monitoring projects increase, they begin to reveal technological aspects that have not received sufficient attention, such as lack of control or lack of knowledge about existing assets, and shortcomings in security.

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Asset evaluation

A monitoring strategy first involves cataloging and evaluating the organization’s technological assets. If there is no visibility over the assets, it is not possible to have control over the services.


Basic safety principles

The starting point for securing monitoring systems is awareness of the need to incorporate security as a management element, rather than as a link in the chain of asset and service security.

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Esquema de arquitectura


Architectural diagram

Security must be part of a monitoring architecture from its design, hence the need for a systematic approach that encompasses the different layers of the architecture.


Secure base system

Pandora FMS issues a series of recommendations to perform a safe installation of all Pandora FMS components (and valid for any other monitoring system), based on RHEL7 / RockyLinux 8.x OS.

Manual de implementación
Informe seguridad