Best practices
for setting alerts

(and not missing anything)

This whitepaper presents a robust approach to addressing the challenges of defining alerts in complex technology environments.

Highlights the importance of distinguishing between alerts and events, and provides guidelines for setting effective thresholds and conditions.

It also provides information on alert escalation and centralized management, highlighting the need for accurate and efficient management.

In addition, topics such as customization of alert actions, integration with ITSM systems, and protection against mass alerts are discussed.

Overall, this whitepaper provides practitioners with the best practices needed to optimize alert definition and prevent loss of valuable information.

“Pandora FMS comes by default with a series of actions already configured and ready for use, but the user can expand them to adapt them to their organization.”

Whitepaper content:

1. Introduction

2. Alerts vs. Events

3. Alert management in complex environments

4. Unleash the power of alerts: automate operation

5. Expanding the power of alerts

6. Scheduled stops

7. Special day alerts

8. Cascade protection

8. Summary

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