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Metaconsole FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I can't see the agents of a group for which I do have permissions

The user must have the same permissions in the Metaconsole and in the node. The correct creation flow is to create and assign permissions to the user from the Metaconsole and synchronize them.

For more info visit the following link where the synchronization and propagation of users can be observed.

After changing a user’s permissions but it doesn’t work

To change the permissions to a user we will do it from the Metaconsole and synchronize that user from the synchronization section.

The synchronization of profiles is based on creating new profiles in the user of the node. In this way, we will avoid touching profiles that are configured in the node.

For more info visit the following link where you can learn more about the synchronization and propagation of users.

When you try to configure an instance, it fails

We have to make sure that:

  • The machine where the Metaconsole resides can see the machines of the instances.
  • The machine of the Metaconsole has permissions over the database of the instances.
  • We have defined the parameters of authentication (auth) and password of the api (Api password) in the instances, and configured correctly in the Metaconsole.
  • In the instances we must have configured the list of IPs that can access its API including the Metaconsole.

How can I synchronize the node with the Metaconsole

To be able to synchronize a node to the Metaconsole, we have to click on Advanced → Consoles Setup and fill in correctly the node's data: Server name, auth token…

For more info visit this link, where the synchronization of instances is explained in more detail.

How can I to synchronize the node license with the Metaconsole license

In order to synchronize the license of the meta console, once validated, we will have to instantiate all the nodes in the meta console we want to synchronize. Once this is done, go to Advanced → License and press the “Validate and sync” button that will synchronize the license to all the instantiated nodes.

For more info about the Metalicense visit this the following link.

I can't perform actions on instance events or view them

Version NG 755 or earlier: you will need to configure the use of the Command Center, where all the relevant information is available.

If it is not possible to perform actions on the events it means that we have activated the token of “Event replication” of the Setup→Enterprise of the Instance, with which we will be able to see the events of the Instance in the Metaconsole.

Once we start the event replication, having the “Centralized management” Metaconsole token active, the events can only be managed from it. From it they can be validated, put in progress and add comments and responses. To be able to visualize the events in the Instance we will have to go to Setup→Enterprise and activate the token “Show event list in the local console (read only)” to only to be able to see them.

For more info visit the following link where we can learn more about event replication.

I can't connect the Instance Database to the Metaconsole

In order to synchronize the data of the Instances Database with the Metaconsole, we need to give permission to the user of the Metaconsole to the Instance database. For them we have to make use of the following mandate:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on <MetaconsoleDatabaseName>.* to <UserName>@<HostAddress> IDENTIFIED BY <UserPass>;

Verification of the checklist of the node in the Meta

Once we have an instance referenced to the Metaconsole, it appears in the Console Setup view where we can check the status of the database, API, compatibility, event replication, agent cache and synchronization with the node.

To be able to check the status of a connection again, just click on the checklist you want to review.

The status can be:

  • Synchronized: The checklist will be in green color.
  • Not synchronized: The checklist will be in red. Hovering the mouse over the button will show in more detail the failure that causes the lack of synchronization.

How to make a call to the Metaconsole API

The use of the API in the Metaconsole does not differ in excess with the use of the same one in any instance. To do this we must first know the username, API password and the definition of the list of IPs accessing the API. Once the three elements have been configured, the desired actions can be carried out.

For more information on API calls visit the following link where we can see more detailed information about the APIs.

How can we check the Metaconsole Database

In order to check that the Metaconsole database is working correctly, we'll place ourselves in a node and perform the following check: mysql –h IPMETA –r USERMETA –pPASSMETA DataBaseMETA

mysql –h –r root –ppandora metapandora

How to check if the cache agent is working correctly

In order to be able to check if the cache agent is working correctly, we will have to check the information in the database of the instance and the Metaconsole.

First of all, we must go to the instance database and see the information stored inside the pandora database, in the table t_agent: “Use pandora; select * from tagente;”.

Afterwards, we will go to the meta console database and we will see the data stored in the table “tmetaconsole_agent”, where the same data should appear as in the instance.

More data will appear depending on how many instances we have referenced in the Metaconsole. To be able to filter by console we will have to make use of the field: “servername” in the table “tmetaconsole_agent”..

How can we synchronize events correctly

In order to synchronize events from the instance to the meta console, we will have to modify parameters in the console and in the instance server.

You can consult more info about this by following this link where we can see in more detail the replication of events.

How can we see the logs of an instance from the Metaconsole

To be able to observe the logs of an instance from the Metaconsole, a report must be created from the Metaconsole to collect the logs.

For more info visit this link.

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