Pandora FMS team

Team leader

Sancho Lerena (@slerena en Twitter)

He is the original author of Pandora FMS who started coding Pandora FMS in 2003. He can code in PHP, Perl and shellscript, he is more focused on the project roadmap, product marketing and team management.

He has a daughter, is 37 years old and lives in Madrid (Spain). He speaks fluent English and Spanish. He likes photography, science fiction, and sports like fencing and kickboxing.


Developer Team


Ramón Novoa

Ramon is one of the lead developers. He has been working on Pandora FMS since 2006. He develops in Perl, PHP and C++. He is one of our senior developers and has exceptional skills in Pandora FMS, especially in the server code.

He speaks a little bit of Korean and Japanese.


Miguel de Dios (@tres14159 en Twitter)

He has been working on Pandora FMS since 2008. He mainly develops in PHP and Javascript. He is also a senior developer, one of our Javascript masters :)

He is the storyteller of the office. 

Sergio Martín Zarzuelo

He works in developing and coding Perl, PHP and Javascript, paying special attention to the user interface. He also produces all of our corporative videos and is in charge of the social networks.

In his free time he has a radio show and he is the capitan of the Jabatos Rugby team.  


Dario Rodríguez 

He codes in PHP, Perl, C and Open Office He was a member of the Artica's marketing team and one of our best testers and an excellent technical writer among other things.

He likes robotic, old cars and Vin Diesel films.

Juan Manuel Ramón

Juanma has been working on Pandora FMS since 2010. He is a PHP and Perl developer. He loves immersing himself and diving in the code.

He loves cultivating his own vegetables and owns a organic veggie garden without bugs ;)


Vanessa Gil

She works with PHP, Perl, Javascript and C++, mostly with the user interface. However, her code can be found everywhere in Pandora FMS.

She really loves cats. 

Junichi SATO

Pandora efforts: Committer (Perl, PHP, Shellscript), Japanization, Japanese manual, bug finding and FreeBSD adaptation. Junichi speaks Japanese and English.

He loves skiing,  motorcycle touring, traveling abroad and decoding Morse code. 

Koichiro KIKUCHI

Committer & support. Finding bugs and add-on design. His favorite programming languages: The best, lisp, better Ruby, Perl, Java. Dislike: PHP, Visual Basic. His favorites OS are FreeBSD, OpenBSD. 

Striking Facts: He has his own SmartUPS 2200 and also 12U rack.


Hirofumi KOSAKA

Pandora Efforts: Committer. Processing inquiry from both existing and potential clients, at all levels of Pandora. Programming language: C/C++, Perl, php, shell, LISP, Java, Ruby, Assembly Language. Favorite OS: BSD derivatives. 


Alejandro Gallardo

Alex is our youngest developer. He starts with Pandora's cousin: Integria IMS. Develops in PHP, Javascript and Objective-C, developing our finest iOS Apps for Pandora and Integria.

He loves GTA and Apple world 

Javier Lanz

Javi worked mostly in PHP development, doing code in the Metaconsole, reporting and other parts of the console. He speaks Spanish and he has an excellent command in English with a thick Scottish accent ;)

Mark Holland

Pandroid developer, the Android agent for Pandora FMS. This agent can get information about GPS positioning, apps installed, battery status, and lots more from any android device and then send it to Pandora.


Esteban Sánchez (@esanchezm en Twitter)

He was one of the first committers to the project, contributing with PHP and Javascript in 1.x and 2.x versions. Developer of the first versions of the C++ Microsoft Windows agent.

Raúl Mateos

Former developer. He helped us at the very beginning of the project with some PHP and HTML code as well as with testing and documentation.



(No photo)

Evi Vanoost

Former developer from the United States. He helped us developing 1.x and 2.x, mainly with the console (PHP code).

Pablo de la Concepción

Pablo worked mostly on GIS development, contributing with Perl code for GIS (3.0 version).

He lives in Madrid (Spain) and is 33 years old. He speaks English, Spanish and Greek. 

Marketing and sales


David Villanueva

David has been involved in the project from the very beginning. He mainly works with customers. His vision helps us improve Pandora and find problems before customers do.

He is 38 years old. He has got two girls. He speaks English and Spanish.


Yutaka IKEDA

Overall administrative operations including corporate direction, finance/accounting & HR management. Orchestrating Pandora team meetings after hours SAKE entertainment. He speaks an osaka-taste Japanese, and perfect American English.

Oscar Llama

Sales engineer. He works on Spain and Latin America, he is our friendly face and he would love to help everybody running Pandora.

He likes to watch all kinds of birds.

Axel Amigo

Sales engineer. He loves to dive deep on tech and rewrite documentation. He is our friendly guy on english spoken projects.

He loves to pythonize the world.

Jose Luis Manzano

He is our Account Manager. He has a great experience in technology companies like VMware and Fujitsu, and manages the sales department.



Large-scale enterprise sales, channel distribution. 

Language Skills: Japanese and English -social proficiency-. Interests: Golf, Fishing.


Sales & Marketing. She designs the strategic partnership relation. 

She speaks Japanese and she is fluent in English. She loves skiing, traveling abroad, drinking like a fish and going to the cinema.


System engineers


Arturo Llamas

Heavyweight champion on system trashing. We love his passion to discover the way to hack any server or any hardware. If there is a way to fix a problem, he will find it, otherwise, you have a bug. He likes whisky and motorbikes. 

Tomás Palacios

He is one of our finest testers, he works hard testing all the small things that developers just ignore. He is also an excellent documentation writer and support engineer.

Luis Miguel Puerta

Luismi is our training master. With more than half hundred trainings on his back, he has a wide experience with customers, support and documentation.


Mario Carranza

Mario is a System Engineer. He works with customers on site setups, helping them design the final solution and providing support. He contributes with plenty of bugs and suggestions coming from the end user experience.

He is another motorbike freak. He owns a small collection of classic motorbikes.


Ignacio Herreros

He is one of our final user Support Engineers in community forums and Enterprise support. He has got a good eye for catching bugs. He works very close to the development team to improve the features and the user experience.

Mario Pulido

Mario is a support engineer. He is well known as "the quiet man".  With his infinite patience, he brings peace and serenity to our office. Developers thank him for his bug reports and, above all, for the fact that he doesn't yell at them when something goes wrong.


Ivo Yordanov

He comes from Bulgaria and is the youngest man in the office. He works on support and giving answers to all the questions of the forums.

He is a big fan of Arsenal and he loves to play in our Arcade Machine.

Yasuyuki TANAKA

Oversee client system, HR (Engineers) management, training, internal communication, Recruiting, and Sales & Marketing. 

Favorite programming language:  Shell Script. Favorite OS: CentOS.


 Masaki YAMADA

Installation, operations. Favorite Programming language:  Shell Script. Favorite OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Language Skills: Japanese and English – IT-related & social proficiency-.

Tamiya OZAKI

He is the man who discovered Pandora FMS in Japan. He provides technical support for the sales team and customer. Media Exposure (Promoting Pandora FMS awareness).

Favorite programming language: C, PASCAL, Perl. Language Skills: Japanese and English (reading and writing). 


Manuel Aróstegui

He worked for almost 3 years at Artica ST deploying PandoraFMS across lot of their costumers. 

Now he spends most of his time trying to get the best performance out of MySQL. When he's not with a Linux terminal, he loves flying small planes and swimming.




Communications, translation and design


Julia Lerena

She started working with documentation in 2007. She helps also with the translation, working with our Wiki and translating funny text chains at Launchpad ;-). She is also a member of the Sales Team at Artica.

She has a cuddly big cat named Oreo, who loves scratching with her laptop :-).

Carla Andrés

She is our graphic designer. Her job consists in defining the lay out of all the documents, designing interfaces, and manage the image and the contents of the websites.

She loves electronic music and sneakers. You can visit her blog here



Victoria Molina

She was born in Malaga 26 years ago, where she studied Media Studies. She is the one who gives voice to what we do. She got an award in the Sitges Intenational Film Festival, not with a video about Pandora, but with a short-movie. She is able to make our mothers understand what we do.

Jorge González

He is a former system engineer and tester of Pandora FMS. He contributed with 2.x and 3.0 documentation and started the Internationalization of the team for the localization. He also committed some code for v2.0 console.

You can check his blog here 

Google GSOC 2012 Students

Santiago Munin
(Universidad da Coruña, España)

Santiago was working on the Pandora Event viewer for Android. 

Hareesan R.
(Universidad de Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)

He is working on an extension for Chrome and for Firefox to show information about Pandora FMS: events and other important information. 

Other contributors



  • Antonio Dos Santos. SAP R/3 agent.

  • LFC. SAP R/3 agent.

  • Evi Vanoost. MAC Agent.

  • José Ángel de Bustos, DEB (Debian)
  • Eric Ross, server and console code contribution and several patches.
  • Reiner Dassing, server code patches.

  • Jonathan Barajas. Database agent (not included in trunk yet!).

  • José Navarro. Additions to graphic engine for 1.2.

  • Leandro Doctors. console contribution.

  • Guido Leenders (Dutch).
  • Igor Zubiaurre (German)
  • Alejandro Arnal (English for v1.1 documentation)
  • David Muñiz (Bable-Asturian)
  • Rodrigo J. Dutra (Brasilian Portuguese)
  • Hugo Vázquez (Catalonian)
  • Aline Jorand (French, Latin American Spanish)
  • Roberto Pauletto (Italian)
  • Santiago Rodríguez Collazo (Galician)
  • Jelon Zawodowiec (Polish)
  • Claudio Arseni (Italian)
  • Marcin (Polish)
  • And many many other translators from Launchpad

Betatesters and "powerusers"

Security advisories

  • Enrique Mendoza. betatester and power user.
  • Javier Corona. betatester and power user.
  • Enrique Verdes. betatester and power user.
  • SuperAl. report security vunerability about blind SQL attack on URL passing.

  • Global Evolution, report security vulnerabilities related with Cross Side Scripting and other problems in the Web Console in development version (3.x).

Unofficial Windows Installation Guide


Sorry if we forgot someone, and of course, many thanks to many other people who help us in older versions.