• Network Monitoring

Advantages of network monitoring


Identifying and correcting anomalous behavior

A large network is an often idiosyncratic ecosystem with a life of its own. A good monitoring system can become essential in order to detect any bad habits, or network capacity gaps, or any services which are taking up too much of the system’s capacity; and, of course, identifying trouble spots in the network, from hardware, services, users, or external resources which could be overloading the network.

Access all areas

Occasionally we don’t know how to enter our clients’ internal networks and extract the data we need. Pandora FMS offers unlimited flexibility in monitoring third party networks, allowing access through decentralized, high performance, distributed servers to carry out network discovery, ICMP, SNMP and WMI tests.

Service quality management

With Pandora FMS you can receive reports giving up-to-date data on service quality when and how you need them; daily, by service, whatever your needs. Pandora FMS reports are targeted at demanding service providers, that’s why we have to make them precise to four decimal places.

Every kind of graph, covering any timeframe

If you can measure it, you can turn it into a graph. This is especially useful for making visual correlation analysis, analyzing trends, capacity planning, and keeping an eye on your network. Nothing beats the human eye, but an integrated dashboard is always handy.

F for flexible

Flexible means we can adapt to any type of network topology wether it be mixed, distributed, disperse or shifting.

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Limitless features

Throughout the years we’ve included features that other vendors include with separate products, forcing customers into further investments just to have a complete package. Our all-in-one, coherent and homogenous package has included several network solutions, amongst a wide array of other features.

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Advanced network monitoring

Our probes can carry out network diagnostics, even without external access. Rapid deployment and a centralized system of management means fewer headaches for the client, and a heads-up if something goes wrong.

Auto-discovery and automatic inventory creation of the network’s systems and elements.

Automatic link-level and network-level network sweep.

Advanced agent-less and/or agent-based remote monitoring.

Monitoring response times lower than 10 seconds for both agent modalities (agent-based or agent-less).

Management of subnetworks can be delegated to independent work teams

User defined visual consoles and dashboards.

Why choose Pandora FMS for network monitoring?

Flexible licensing by devices or network modules

A practically unlimited scalability

Centralized management through the Web console

Operation management using our event console

Unite your network monitoring with other monitored elements such as systems and applications

We are experts in complex networks

Our expertise in the challenges presented by complex networks began in 2004. Pandora FMS has been designed with the sole purpose of obtaining information, no matter how hard to get.

network monitoring

Standard features

Industry standard SNMP v1, v2c and v3 processing alongside powerful SNMP trap management, brings more possibilities to your network monitoring

Remote Microsoft Windows environment monitoring using WMI standards

IPv6 support

Native IPAM integration to manage IP addresses (IPv4/IPv6 compatible)

Network capacity and low-level performance management with the use of NetFlow, J-Flow, and S-Flow

Non-centralized probes, meant to obtain more flexibility and scalability

Thousands of network checks performed using our high performance distributed server

Integrated MIB (Management Information Base) browser, where customized MIB’s can be loaded

SNMP trap forwarding and specific alerting for SNMP traps

Network device configuration change detector (Cisco)

Remote software and license inventory

Quotes from our Customers

“With Pandora FMS, we progressed to real time automation of key performance stats”
Rik Kay Security Network Administrator at Conferma
"Alert system warns us about any problem in the device, overall when an Internet link isn’t available in any city, or when there are troubles in the bandwidth consumption in any of the key points"
Luciano Zeni Manager at Government of the state of Acre, Brazil.
"Pandora FMS has been proven one of the most valuable and important tools in our environment. Nowadays we monitor the entire infrastructure, using SNMP, WMI and ICMP monitors as well as server-based agents"
Michalis Kamprianis IT Projects & Applications Manager, G4S.