Pandora FMS Features

Network Monitoring

Pandora FMS is the all-in-one solution that will help you monitor your infrastructure, whether it is on-premise, virtualized, hybrid or cloud.

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

Hybrid-environment centralized monitoring

Monitor every detail of your environments wherever they are, regardless of the service provider, virtualization technology, or abstraction API.

Unify the whole control over your assets in a single place: Pandora FMS console. You will be able to manage from a hundred elements to several hundred thousand from multiple sources, scaling progressively and dynamically.

Pandora FMS Hybrid environment
Pandora FMS Cloud environments

Cloud Environments

By making use of remote APIs and centrally, we are able to unify data from different suppliers offering an information unification umbrella (including costs) that will allow you to compare and report data from any type of provider.

Take control of your systems’ data

Years ago, it was much easier to get information from your infrastructure. Today, it is much more complicated in the face of the variety of dynamic container on-premise architectures, together with external Cloud and SaaS environments of all kinds.

Control the growth and use of all your systems. Thanks to our agents, remote probes or use of Cloud-infrastructure access APIs, you can get the most out of your resources, save money and estimate future investments.

IaaS Integration

In the event that you do not have access to the infrastructure servers, you can install agents on your machines or monitor them from outside.

In addition, you will be able to dynamically register systems in a simple way, using the provisioning mechanisms of your IaaS provider and Pandora FMS APIs.

Pandora FMS IaaS
Infraestructura de la virtualización

Virtualization Infrastructure

Pandora FMS automatically monitors ESX servers, DataStores, virtual machines and VirtualCenter of your VMware architecture. In addition, virtual environment monitoring does not affect the performance of the VMware system. Our software uses the official API to collect all the information.

It can also be used with Kubernetes virtualization, Docker Swarm, OpenStack, Nutanix, XEN, RHEV, HyperV following the same principles (with access to external APIs).

Infraestructura de la virtualización

As a fundamental part of the IT infrastructure, cloud and virtual monitoring will be essential when it comes to preventing incidents or helping to solve them as soon as possible when they are unavoidable.

The use of the Cloud and tool proliferation, as well as the cost savings virtualization entails, has led many companies to use Pandora FMS.

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“After evaluating OpenSource product solutions and other commercial options, we concluded that the best TCO, the Total Cost of Ownership, was the Pandora FMS license. We can now control our systems due to the increased number of monitored items and the cost has been reduced by 40%.”

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“CANVIA gains full control of its equipment inventory and reduces its operating costs by 70% by centralizing its monitoring in a single tool: Pandora FMS.”

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“Reduction of the operational burden: Thanks to Pandora FMS, we have reduced by 24% the operational burden of the IT area.”

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“We estimate a 20% reduction in the cost of the service”.

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“Our diagnostic times for incidents or problems have been reduced by 200%.”

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