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Packet loss in the network

Remote plugins are user-defined checks that use a script or program that has been deployed on the Pandora FMS server, so that it can be used for monitoring, expanding the set of things it can do. In this section we will add a remote plugin preconfigured in Pandora FMS.

Use a plugin serial; to do so, go to the agent edit view and then to the module configuration tab:


Click on the create module button (Create module), which will lead to the remote plugin server module configuration interface (Create a new plugin server module).


First choose Network management and then the plugin Packet Loss using the drop-down lists, and finally put the IP address on which you want to launch the check. The rest of the fields are left as they are. The editing mode is similar, only that the Create button is replaced by the Update button.


Update the screen a couple of times, until the new module appears in the list:


This is a very interesting plugin, which used in conjunction with the basic connectivity (ping) and latency time, serves to determine the quality of the network, as it indicates the percentage of packet loss, sampling every 5 minutes by default.