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Create a visual screen with monitoring details

One of the visualization options offered by Pandora FMS are the Visual Consoles. The Visual Console allows to represent the monitoring information in real time in a completely graphical way. In this example of Visual Console we are going to create an example of a network distributed all over the world and we will see how by clicking on the node that appears over Spain, we can see another map of Spain with other elements of the Spanish installation.

See also: "Creating visual consoles in Pandora FMS (video)":

The power of the maps is that it allows to "summarize" the state of a child map in the visualization of the parent map; that is to say, if any of the elements visualized in the map of Spain is put in critical state, the icon that represents Spain will be red. This allows very customized hierarchies to be established when displaying information. Maps can contain status information of groups, agents, modules. In addition, graphs and data (numeric or text) can be included, as well as text labels and icons.