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Creation of map 1 (Parent)

On this first map, the status of several agents distributed on a world map is added. This can be done manually, one by one, or through the Wizard. To facilitate the creation of the same we are going to use the Wizard in the example.

The first thing we have to do is to create a new map, which we will call World Map. Go to Operation → Topology maps → Visual Consoles and click Create map.


Once created we click on the Wizard of elements:


In the Wizard select the type of element, in this example Static Graph, the image to use, if you want to use one ítem per agent or per module (in this case per agent), and select the agents to add within the list that appears.


Click on the add button (Add) and all the created elements will appear on the map:


Move all the elements until you have them positioned on the map, by clicking and holding while dragging it over the map.