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Pandora FMS Monolith Environment (server/console/database)

This installation method is particularly useful when the environment is hosted by cloud providers, although it is not exclusive to these types of environments.

The term "Cloud provider" (or just "Cloud") is used to describe virtual machine hosting, either exclusively or shared, in specialized providers with hardware, hypervisors and customer support web systems for configuration and administration.

For any of them you can install Pandora FMS Community version. Red Hat (RHEL) 8.x is recommended as operating system although it also officially supports Rocky Linux 8.x, AlmaLinux 8.x and Ubuntu server 22.04.

The minimum hardware requirements for this installation are: 1 core, 2 gigabytes of RAM and 20 gigabytes of free disk space, preferably Solid State Drive (SSD).

These requirements are the minimum installation requirements, to properly size the monitoring environment we recommend going to the minimum hardware requirements section.