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Create a Visual Console with Monitoring Details

One of Pandora FMS display options is Visual Consoles. These allow to represent monitoring information in real time in a full graphic way. In this Visual Console example, we will create a distributed network example around the world and we will see how when clicking on the node that appears over Spain, we can see another map of Spain with the elements from that particular installation.

See: "Create Visual Consoles in Pandora FMS":

The power of maps lies on "summing up" the state of a child map in the parent map display; that is, if any of the elements displayed on the Spain map goes into critical state, the icon that represents Spain will become red. This allows establishing very customized hierarchies when it comes to showing information Maps may contain information about the state of groups, agents, modules. In addition, graphs and data may be included (numbers or text), in addition to text and icon tags.