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Checking the Information Returned by the Agent

Once MS Windows® agent has been started after installation, it is time to check what this agent is reporting. To do this, you must know the name under which this agent will report. By default the agent is created with the host name. You may see the MS Windows® host name by running the hostname command in a window with cmd.exe.


Once you know the agent name, the next step is to see if it was created in Pandora FMS. To do this you have several options. The first one is to search in the agent details, inside the group where the agent was created, in this example the Workstations group.


A faster and more efficient way to find the agent is to search directly through Pandora FMS search engine, indicating the agent's name.


By default, MS Windows® agent comes with several pre-loaded local basic monitoring modules, such as CPU load (CPU Load), % of RAM memory used (Memory_Used), free space in MB on disks (DiskUsed), and so on.


If you need to add new modules to this agent, you may check the advanced documentation of monitoring with software agents.

You may see graphs generated with the module data history and a table with the module data history from this view by clicking on the icons marked in the following screenshot: