Our fight against the spam

As you know we have just moved our forum system from a classic forum system to a much more dynamic system, built around an internal social network that has not only forums, but also workgroups, online documentation, events, blogs, etc.  One of the reasons why we have migrated our forum is because of spam, in our previous system we need to to validate all user registrations manually. Even so, every week, we were getting 5 to 10 topics of pure spam (casinos, viagra and other things).

In the new system we have implemented four layers of professional anti-spam systems, some to prevent new account registrations and some to prevent already registered accounts from introducing spam. Even so, we are still adjusting them to avoid the most important thing: that users who want to say or ask something can’t do it because the system makes a mistake classifying them as spammers. I would like to apologize in advance to all those who find themselves in these difficulties. Please contact us if you find yourself in this case.

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