PAE (EN) Pandora FMS Administration Engineers

Jimmy · September 11, 2023

Pandora FMS Engineer (PAE) is a specialization course oriented towards managing plugins, policies, services and advanced features of Pandora FMS. Before taking the course, it is necessary to know Pandora FMS at user level and to have completed the Pandora FMS Administration Technical (PAT) course.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Perform advanced monitoring in distributed architectures and high availability environments.
  • Operate with plugins (server and agent plugins).
  • Use the Pandora FMS monitoring policy system and manage Pandora FMS services.

Content of the course

  1. Introduction to PAE.
  2. Pandora FMS architecture.
  3. User, ACL and authentication management.
  4. Monitoring with plugins.
  5. Advanced Discovery.
  6. IPAM.
  7. Satellite Server.
  8. Monitoring policies.
  9. Monitoring services.
  10. Netflow.
  11. Web user experience.
  12. Transactional monitoring.
  13. Monitoring and log collection.
  14. Alerts and alert correlation.
  15. Device management.
  16. Databases.
  17. High availability (HA).
  18. Advanced management of Pandora FMS.

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