PALX (EN) Linux for Pandora FMS course

Jimmy · September 11, 2023

Linux technical management and administration with Pandora FMS (PALX) is a course that focuses on Linux installation, configuration and usage oriented towards making Pandora FMS further use easier. This course requires strong network administration and GNU/Linux knowledge.

Course objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Install a Rocky Linux ISO (one of the ones we recommend with Pandora FMS).
  2. Manage and configure different Linux features.
  3.  Manage Linux tools.
  4. Create scripts.

At the end of the course you will have the necessary knowledge for a better understanding of the PAT and PAE courses.

2. Course structure

The course comprises the following thematic units:

  1. Introduction. This topic explains the origin of Linux and some of its versions.

  2. Installation. You will learn about the different installation systems, how to partition an installation and the different ways to install system tools.

  3. First basic steps. We will see Linux permissions, its file system and the use of basic editing commands, user management and connectivity.

  4. Basic administration. Once our system is installed, we will see the basic administration: how to start services, file management…

  5. Performance management. We will study the different Linux options to be able to observe everything that is happening in our computer.

  6. Security and Networking. We will look at different Linux services to learn about the network around us, and tools to keep our computer protected.

  7. Apache. We will study the Apache service. Its installation, configuration and the services it offers.

  8. MySQL. Introduction to databases. We will install, manage and optimize our database.

  9. What is PHP. How is it installed, configured and optimized?

  10. NFS. Data centralization, how to install and configure NFS.

  11. SNMP. Network administration by means of SNMP, its installation, levels and different ways of use.

  12. Advanced scripting. Linux bash terms and functions.

  13. Advanced concepts. Advanced Linux concepts not seen in previous topics such as strace service and kernel optimization.

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