Pandora FMS NG 775 RRR

This is a minor update with new functionality and features. The latest version with maximum stability is Pandora FMS 772 Renaissance LTS (Long Term Support).

Regular releases (RRR) are monthly releases that bring together many changes and new functionalities. They are ideal for those users who need to be up to date and are not afraid of finding unpolished details. The LTS versions are oriented to consolidate all the changes of the RRR versions and offer maximum stability.

New Features

Android Pandora FMS Web Console

Pandora FMS Web Console ersion 1.4 has been developed for Android mobile operating system 5.0 or later.

Pandora FMS - Release 775

Widget Service Level Detail

The new widget for PFMS Dashboard allows knowing and sharing monitor module details, showing information such as the mean time between failures (MTBF), the mean time resolution (MTRS), as well as the availability percentage, last contact, among other features.

Pandora FMS - Release 775

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