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PDF is not sent by mail, what tests can I do?

There are several reasons why PDFs are not being sent correctly to your email through Pandora FMS’ scheduled tasks.

  1.  The PDF contains an agent/module that no longer exists: check that the report you are trying to send has all the corresponding agents and modules and none of them have been deleted.
  2.  The PDF size is too big: if the PDF takes too much space, it is possible that its apache configuration is not suitable for its generation. First try to generate the PDF manually in the report section, if you cannot generate it, you will have to go to your /etc/php.ini file and look at the following tokens:
    • memory_limit
    • max_input_time
    • max_execution_time
    • allow_url_fopen : This element should be on so that, in case your error is due to the generation of graphics in the report, the reports can be generated in their entirety.
  3. The report contains a database item and it is down: if your report requires a database connection and it cannot be connected, it is possible that the report cannot be generated. You should check that the database can be accessed without any problem.
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