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How can I do a backup of the database?

In our Pandora FMS servers we will have the mysqldump command that will allow us to make backups of the database we select at the time of launching the command.

To make a backup we will need to know the user, password and name of the database, once we have this data we can make the backup.

Create the backup (it will ask for the password during the execution):

[root@PandoraFMS ~]# mysqldump -u user_name -p database_name > /p path/pandora_backup_date.sql

When we launch the previous command, a file called pandora_backup_fecha.sql will be created in the path that we have selected.

To restore the backup we should execute the following commands:

[root@PandoraFMS ~]# mysql -u user_name -p data_name
mysql > use name_basededates;
mysql > source /path/pandora_backup_date.sql
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