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How can a ticketing application be integrated to Pandora FMS?

The most used method to integrate Pandora FMS with a ticketing application is the use of opening and closing incidents through Pandora FMS alerts.

As an alert in Pandora FMS we should configure the creation of the incident in the ticketing application, which can be through the following methods:

  • API / SOAP query.
  • Sending mail to the inbox of the ticketing application.
  • Any other CLI method used to open tickets.

In the case that we also want to close the ticket at the time of recovery, we must know the method of closing the ticket that the application has and in the case that it needs complementary information (for example ticket ID) we must store it at the time of creation, for example in a database or in an exchange file that we create on the server. Once we know the method used with the complete call to close the ticket, we will create the call in the alert recovery.

In the case that the call for the creation and closing of the ticket is totally different, we will have to add 2 actions to the alert, the action of ticket creation so that it is launched correctly in its launching and the action of ticket closing so that it is executed in its recovery. Both actions should not execute anything when it does not correspond to it in order not to cause errors in the Pandora FMS server.

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