Conditional Monitoring

Pandora FMS Software Agent supports the execution of scripts depending on the value returned by a module. There are two possibilities of action: using post-conditions and using preconditions; both of them consist of parameters that should be added in the definition of a module.


The module_condition parameter allows to define post-conditions to the execution of a module, commands that will be executed (or not) depending on the value returned by the execution of a certain module. Several conditions can be added to the same module.

module_name CPU_Usage_Condition
module_type generic_data
module_condition < 10
module_condition < 20

In this example, the CPU Usage module has two post-conditions added, involving the execution of the and scripts when the module value falls below 10 and 20, respectively. With a value of 15, for example, only would be executed.


The preconditions are set with the module_precondition parameter, and allow to evaluate a condition before the execution of the module. Depending on the result, the module will be executed or not. As in the post-conditions, several can be set for the same module.

module_name CPU_Usage
module_type generic_data
module_precondition > 10
module_precondition = 1

In the example, the module will only be executed if the script returns a value greater than 10, while returns a value of 1. At the time that one of the two conditions is not met (e.g. if returns a 0), the module will not be executed.

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